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To whom it may concern:

I am the facilities operations manager for CH2MHILL Facilities Service currently on contract supping over fifty sites for Rocky Mountain Power. I have been involved with the maintenance, operations, and project management for the Idaho region for over eight years and have used Thurgood Mechanical elusively for all HVAC related repairs, pm’s, and projects. They have been extremely reliable, and conscientious in all of our dealings, and I have the upmost respect and admiration for their honesty and integrity. I have great admiration for a company who shoots straight and wants to resolve problems instead of putting band aids on them for the sake of making an extra buck.

We currently incorporate the support of over 300 vendors throughout Wyoming, Utah and Idaho and have set up master agreements with approximately 12 vendors, of which Thurgood is one. A master agreement is like making the all-start team, an exclusive club, if you will. In order to be considered for a master agreement one must have a record of performance and reliability and a willingness to put us at the head of the line. Please feel free to call me for any further questions if necessary.

Pete Cooper

To whom it may concern:

Intermech, Inc. and Thurgood Mechanical services have been associated with one another for several years. Intermech, Inc has completed some very high profile projects with the help from Thurgood Mechanical Services such as the IMCL Laboratory and the MFC Dial Room at the MFC Area. Thurgood Mechanical has completed numerous project for Intermech, Inc. and they have always completed their work scope to meet the requirements of the project specifications and delivered on time. Thurgood Mechanical Services understands the importance of our client’s schedules and they believe in performing with safety and craftsmanship as number one. Intermech, Inc has and will continue to request the services from Thurgood MEchanical Services and I would recommend their firm to others.

Intermech, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

I am the owner of a large building currenty under lease by Battelle and the Department of Energy. The building is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho on DOE Place. We built the building in 1986 and have been managing sine that time.

HVAC is a very large part of the workings of a business/office building. There are least 18 HVAC systems in the building. In 2008, we changed our HVAC contractor to Thurgood Mechanical. The change was made due to the service issues from our previous contractor.

Thurgood Mechanical has been a great company to work with for the maintenance, repairs and replacements of the HVAC systems within the building. They are extremely responsive to the customers in the building and are always conscience of the cost to the owner of the building.

In recent months, many of the original units have been experiencing issues. Working with Thurgood Mechanical we have put in place a plan to ensure the building is functioning, costs are managed and equipment is replaced and/or repaired as necessary. Thurgood Mechanical is well aware of energy savings features that benefit both the building owner and the customers occupying the building.

Thurgood Mechanical is a pleasure to do business with.

Wilfred Daggett Idaho

To whom it may concern:

Since October 2005 Thurgood Mechanical has been working with my firm for heating and cooling needs. During this time, I have found Thurgood able to provide high quality service in diagnosing and repairing HVACs at reasonable prices. They have always met deadlines and have been forthcoming with adjustments and corrections when necessary.

In addition Landon Thurgood is a pleasure to deal with. He has always been professional and as taken care of Pacific Mobile as if we are his one and only customer. I have always found Landon to be available to answer questions. And in many occasions has “gone the extra mile” for me.

In short, it is my pleasure to recommend Thurgood Mechanical to you.

Pacific Mobile



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