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Service/Maintenance Agreements

Thurgood Mechanical provides periodic maintenance agreements for all types of mechanical equipment for our commercial and residential customers to provide optimal system performance and reliability as well as extend the life of the equipment. We service all HVAC manufacturers.

Commercial Service Agreements

Commercial Service Agreements are provided on an individual cost basis based on your unique requirements. Thurgood will evaluate your mechannical systems and provide a written estimate for recommended quarterly maintenance.

All parts installed during the term of the contract, will be guaranteed for one year. Inspection times shall be determined by the dealer as seasonal elements permit. Typical procedure constitutes the first heating inspection be performed shortly before the heating season begins. The second, at the mid-point of the heating season. Air conditioning inspections shall be at the beginning of the air conditioning season. Inspections include:

  • Annual coil cleaning spring of each year
  • Heat mode for proper operation
  • Lubrication of all bearings
  • Check safety devices
  • Check electric controls for proper operation
  • Check refrigerant systems
  • Check refrigerant controls and coil temperatures for efficiency
  • Compressors
  • Replace filters

Additional checkups will be provided based upon your equipment to prevent failure and provide the ultimate up-time.

Residential Service Agreements

An HVAC Maintenance and Repair service plan can reduce the frequency of heating & cooling complications that may occur between the semi-annual maintenance visits. The plan includes filter change and maintenance oriented cleaning, twice a year to insure a comfortable winter and summer. Benefits include:

  • Less unexpected repair work
  • Less expensive repairs when problems do occur
  • Always knowing who to call

The best part is eliminating the factors of: Who are you going to call? Who's going to arrive? And, can I rely on whoever it is? You already know that you will be served by someone you know and trust at Thurgood Mechanical.

You can have comfort knowing that reputable and knowledgeable technicians are providing your service and repair. Scheduled maintenance plans can deliver long term savings and peace of mind, especially for thow with multiple heating and air conditioning systems.

Our motivation is to cultivate and maintain customer loyalty and awareness in the "word of mouth market". Since most of our new construction and replacement work comes from the word of mouth of our own clientele, we are motivated to maintain consistent positive relationships with all of our customers.

American HVAC Standard Rates with Maintenance Plan

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